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down4life 10th November 2009 04:46 PM

Battery 3.0 not loading my saved presets
Hi everyone, i hope some1 can help me asap.

my setup: neumann tlm49 into twin finity ua710 pre into rme fireface 400 into cubase 5 running on windows 7. plus i have the full natives instruments package in which battery drum machine is apart of.

Problem is that when i load a project or even a new project battery seems to load up my saved presets and drums but does not play them. If i load one of its own presets they play fine, if i was to delete one cell from its own preset and add a sound from my sound bank in battery and save it as a new preset and re load that preset this time none of the sounds on the cell will play but as soon as i load another battery preset its own preset is fine and plays again....

my soundcard is the rme fireface400, now could it do with something relating to the soundcards channels maybe?? because my friend has all the same software and vsts, soundbanks etc installed but the only difference is his got a yamaha n12 n uses that soundcard...and he isnt having this problem.
why is it doing this and how can i fix it, any ideas????

please help me overcome this issue its driving me insane.....