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How can I recreate the early swing of the MPC?

I am a protools user and have been experimenting with swing quantize lately. I like the logic 16 quantize options available in protools however, haing had a crack on a real MPC I realised that I prefer the sound of the Early swings rather than the Late ones. (there is a command on the MPC that you can switch from earlier to later in the swing quantize section). So my question is:

How can I recreate the feel of that "earlier swing". It seems I only have access to the "later" swing in PT (and any other Virtual drum machine that I have tried too)


GGreen 10th November 2009 03:30 PM

Play a beat from the mpc using the old swing into a midi track of PT.

Just need to record the midi outs from the mpc.

Then you can use this piece of midi to extract the timing and paste it into the quantise engine clipboard you can then save this a a quantise preset.

You can do the same thing in pretty much all hosts.

Gareth 11th November 2009 07:26 AM

yeah I figured I would do that as a last resort. Just thought there might have been a function in PT (or virtuam drum machine) that had the early swing function...