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karri 10th November 2009 10:07 AM

bootcamp daw?

Is it possible to use bootcamp based XP in Imac (3,06ghz these new ones) for DAW. My audio interface is M-audio 410 (is there porlems with drivers with bootcamp?). I use Cubase 4, NI Massive, NI Kontakt 2.24, Sound forge 8, Waves musicians bundle 5.0 and some other vst's. These programs are old but they work for me just fine. I am seeking for relatively powerful, silent and simple system for DAW. What about these FW800 problems? OSX compability of my programs? Logic 9 and no bootcamp?

all information is welcome!

Llitsor 10th November 2009 02:13 PM

Bootcamp is just a means to run an alternative operating system, usually windows, instead of OS X. And it allows you the choice to boot into whichever you like. In your case, Windows XP.
Once the Mac is booted into Windows it is essentially exactly the same as any other PC. You can run all the same software just as well as any other PC of similar spec can. There really is no difference.

As for OS X compatibility of your software, you'll have to check with the relevant manufacturers. Not all of them provide both Mac & PC versions on the same disc. Logic is obviously fine though, as that is Mac only and Bootcamp doesn't come into it..

I wouldn't worry too much about Firewire either. The problems you read about tend to only exist on forums like this, rather than in the real world.

I would say this though.. If Windows is going to be your main OS, then I would buy a PC. Even one of the better quality PC's will still be cheaper and work just as well.
Plus if Windows is what you are used to, then you are probably better of sticking with what you know..
But if you are certain that you want to make the switch to a Mac long term, then by all means go for it and get onethumbsup At least you have the choice of being able to run any OS you like..