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schnazy 9th November 2009 05:05 AM

vocal iso booth
what's an ideal sized DIY vocal booth for one person for my basement? dimensions i can work with: 7'2"H x 6'W x 8'L.

is it best to foam the hell out of the inside or should i leave some exposed drywall for ambiance? my contractor brother would only charge me $25/hour to make. or i should buy something professionally pre-made with all the goodies like lighting, ventilation, door, window etc? GK ACOUSTICS may be a good bet for $5000 ?

Glenn Kuras 9th November 2009 02:48 PM

I am not a big fan of vocal booths as the sound is pretty hard to control. If you have the option I would use the money to treat the whole room as that will be a bigger benefit over all. If you do plan on building VB, you want to make it as large as possible and use mineral wool or rigid fiberglass to pretty much deaden the room. Use 4" if possible and cover all walls and ceiling.

schnazy 29th November 2009 08:47 AM

would like to have a temporary setup for one vocalist in the main live room of my home studio. there's a drum kit in there and will put soft pads on the shells and cymbals to squelch any ringing while tracking vocals.

since i'm scrapping the idea of spending about $3k on building a booth i'm willing to spend money on some pro products that i could easily remove and store when i'm tracking others instruments like guitars, bass, drums, etc. dimensions available for the temp setup are 4'x4'. ceiling is vaulted so far with painted drywall...about 8-9 feet up where the vocalist would stand.