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James Lugo 9th November 2009 03:50 AM

It's time, I'm re-wiring my rack and patchbay.
My studio was re-wired 5 years ago and it's time for a facelift. Some of the patchpoints are getting funky, there's a ton of unused cables tangled in the cabling from changing out gear and it's time to move some gear to the top of the rack. Mainly it's my 11 space 500 series rack, I originally had it at the bottom of the rack because it was a 6 spacer and it was loaded with 312's (single knob units) but now it's 11 space and it's loaded with eq's and comps and everything has such small knobs and switches, I can't see them at the bottom so I just pass on using the gear a lot. I also bought a second 1176LN today. heh

I'm also considering getting another 1073 to match my 1 or get a pair of BAE 1084's.

I will post pics of the progress...