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BuzzMando 8th November 2009 11:24 PM

Needed: Advice on cleaning instrument & mic cables

Does anyone have any suggestions on methods for cleaning instrument and mic cables?

I'm not talking about the connectors, just the cables, primarily about the (usually) rubberized cables themselves. As I live in Thailand, I might not have access to name, brand products, like Mr. Clean, but can usually get ammonia, soap, chlorine, fish oil.

Some cables - the typical black ones get really dirty and collect dust. I could use a cleaning substance on a clean cloth, and pass it along the length of the cable, then look at all the grime that has accumulated, and at best, I'd day after 5 or 6 passes, it's only about a 75% improvement. I have some higher-end cables made by BLUE that get even dirtier, and sticky as well. The stickiness is harder to remove than the dirt.

So, if you've been through this, please give me the benefit of your experience (forget the fish oil, though). Any commonly available solvents, or types of cleaning cloths, should be available locally.

I'm open to suggestions on storage. I try to keep as many cables as I can from kinking up, but kinks happen. So if you have any cable de-kinking techniques in mind, or a better way to store the cables, I'm open to what you have to say. Presently I keep my cables looped as loosely as possible in large zip-lock bags, then layer those inside some fairly sturdy plastic stack-able boxes.

Thanks - BuzzMando