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theom 10th September 2005 01:02 AM

pitch correction
I know some of the artists you have mixed for personally.
I am told you do indeed do little vocal pitch tweeks with A/T or melodyne.
I want to give you massive kudos for letting the character come through, and not overcooking the tuning! I think you are the the best mixer out there in this respect.

Can you talk a little about your theorys and use of pitch correction and if you are a auto tune guy or if you are digging the melodyne more. or something else completely.

Thanks for participating here !

Michael Brauer 24th September 2005 10:44 PM

Thank you, that's very kind. Keith my assistant does the actual pitch correction. If something bothers me,he'll fix it but he knows not to go perfect with it. Just make it feel natural. He doesn't use the melodyne as much because he says it takes extra time to have to reimport every fix. He uses pitch and time or the other one(it slipped my mind) that I've mentioned in another post.

Added:Antares auto tune 3 is what Keith uses mostly