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manofsong 10th July 2009 02:56 AM

Mic to mount on shoulders? (Not around head)
Hello Slutz,

Been looking for a solution: a wireless mic for vocals that can be mounted on the shoulders rather than around the head. I want a little gooseneck or something which erupts from my chest or collar-bone area. This will allow me to move my mouth closer or further from the mic as required.

Any gear out there which would solve this? Can't find!

manofsong 12th July 2009 06:41 AM


I think I saw Janet Jackson using something like this once. Can't find...

manofsong 14th July 2009 03:28 AM


manofsong 17th July 2009 02:28 AM






manofsong 10th August 2009 02:36 AM

Bump for Funp.

latestflavor 26th November 2009 04:06 AM

why not use compressors like the rest of the universe? or is there another reason why you need to move away from the mic?

i remember seeing usher live going from those babymaker whispers in his headset to full wide open and it sounded absolutely perfect. i know guys that have much much louder voices than his but nothing that couldn't be tamed with the right chain.

if you find one, let me know because i know some guys in chelsea that would loooove to extend it and run through their man zippers.