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Lemontree 4th July 2009 06:01 AM

The stone roses reverb question
I always thought the stone roses debut album was one of the lushest sounding records I've ever heard reverb wise. Can you tell us what you were using on there to get such a deep perspective and do you think if the same record cropped up today you'd use the same aproach?

Also could you please tell us how you went about getting the drum sound for Reni? I always felt he was one of the best hihat pedlers ever to grace a record and have always wished for some insight into how you carved that sound

Mani's bass chain wouldn't go amiss either but I realise it was all a very long time ago now.

Many many thanks for taking the time to answer these questions on gearslutz,


johnleckie 17th July 2009 01:19 PM

The Stone Roses Reverb
Thanks for kind comments on Roses record. Reverb was probably mix up of AMS RMX16, Lexicon 480XL, SPX1000 or Alesis Midiverb2 all on various tweaked settings. Or EMT plate at Battery Studios. If I was doing it now I'd use less reverb all over. Drums on Shoot You Down all go through Midiverb 2 number 43 and not enough of it. Yep, Reni is one of best drummers I worked with and he never played the same thing twice. Really he had his own mixture of drums on kit and apart from usual fussing getting sound was not a problem. Selection of snares were used depending on song (Noble and Kooley a favourite). Dreamhire was equipment rental company attached to studio so we had good choice of drums. Its all in the playing and most songs cut with the band all playing and no click.I seem to remember though on some tracks we used snare and BD samples which were laboriously done with old AMS DMX1580 in lok and triggered from backwards copy of live snare. The live snare was never replaced but the sample was just used to back it up and strengthen. Tambourines done same way. Album was done 48trk Studer (2x24t) 30ips non dobly. Paul Schroeder was engineer on whole record and was excellent. Where are you now, oh Paul?
Mani's bass was the painted Rickenbacker as in pictures and it was DIed and Ampeg SVT although earlier it would have been Laney amp. Most of record was done on SSL E Series and Neve at Rockfield. All sorts of things done to get the sound, some heavy eq from SSL or Pultec, some DBX compression, some Urie1176 and some reverb in the mix. But its all in the playing really...
Cheers JL

toolz 17th July 2009 03:04 PM

Some great footage from Rockfield and Battery studios 1989

YouTube - The Stone Roses: Making The Album

YouTube - The Stone Roses in North London (Part I)

YouTube - The Stone Roses in North London (Part II)

[email protected] 17th July 2009 09:06 PM

One of my favourite records. Few others define a time and place in my life so fully. Thanks for the infokfhkh

Space Station 18th July 2009 12:47 AM

Hi John, I notice you always say Lexicon 480XL do you mean 480L or 224XL the older one?

Thanks Phil.

johnleckie 19th July 2009 01:01 PM

the stone Roses Reverb
Sorry thought it was XL. 224 is good concert hall preset and 480L I use Large Hall and fiddle with size and HF Cut and Low End boost. Not much difference, whatever is in studio I'm using.

americanPrimitiv 22nd July 2009 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by [email protected] (Post 4385547)
One of my favourite records. Few others define a time and place in my life so fully. Thanks for the infokfhkh

Well said--and equally true for me!