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Jules 30th April 2003 03:24 AM

Accoustic crap remover plug in?
Now we have the sampling reverbs like AltiVerb & the Sony 777, do you think that we could start to see software that could replace a boxy poor sound or "over live" sound with near perfect pre sampled 'classic' room signatures?

"Room Modeler" by Antares? Or Sony?

What do you think?

Massive number crunching would be fine with me!

Imagine batch processing all your digital audio overnight so that in the morning it sounds like you recorded everything at Sunset Sound...

I could go for that!


thethrillfactor 30th April 2003 04:11 AM

Hey Jules,

I don't know about a plug, but the TC DBmax works great for sucking either the liveness or the boxiness out of poorly recorded vocal tracks(also drums).