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submodern 3rd July 2009 05:45 AM

Picking out the singles and focusing on them
Hi John,

Thank you for doing this Q&A!

You mentioned in a Sound On Sound article on the Stone Roses "Fools Gold" ( CLASSIC TRACKS: The Stone Roses 'Fools Gold' ) that the band actually preferred the B-side to "Fools Gold", and in fact the first pressing had the two songs reversed, with "Fools" as the B-side. You also mentioned that since they liked the other track more, you ended up spending more time and attention during production on that one even though you personally preferred "Fools Gold" from the beginning.

How do you identify potential singles during pre-production/recording? How much recording time do you try to spend on the strongest tracks compared to the average tracks? And how do you steer the band towards those "money" tracks when their hearts may be with other songs for whatever reason?

Thanks again for answering questions for us!

johnleckie 10th July 2009 01:23 AM

Picking the Singles
By instinct really. The singles are the catchy ones that capture the band in its completeness in under 3 minutes. I to try give equal attention to all songs when doing an album. Yes the potential singles may get more attention but it depends. The single should be the simplest and easiest to get down really. What's an 'average' track? All the tracks should be great! Don't know what you mean by 'money' tracks. The band have got to like the song or you won't get anything done. Some bands don't have one single in a bunch of 12 songs... so you send them away to write one, or pick a cover, or re work a potential one they do have tucked away somewhere. Thats what the work is...