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analogtodd 1st July 2009 04:02 PM

I don't know if its appropriate, but maybe a "catch-all" thread for Syd Barrett would be good. Syd's fans are a fairly crafty lot and have a immense thirst for knowledge of all things Syd.

Knowing you worked on the aborted final Abbey Road sessions, (as well as "Barrett" is there any insight or rememberance you would like to share?

johnleckie 9th July 2009 02:16 AM

Hi MonkeyT

There's a whole book on Syd sessions that really does say all there is from me. The author gave me a real grilling and I couldn't remember a thing except Syd always had different girlfriend each day...sometimes two! Its good read if you're a fan as notes on all Syd sessions including the last with me and Peter Jenner. Random Precision: Recording the Music of Syd Barrett 1965-1974: David Parker: Books
I never worked on Madcap Laughs as before my time but I tape op'd for Peter Bown on Barrett in Studio 2 with Roger Waters and David Gilmour producing. I can remember a stream of musicians trying to get complete songs down and Syd not really knowing what day it was or why he was there. The later sessions with him on his own were in Abbey Road 3 and just Peter Jenner and Pat Stapley and me engineering. Syd's plan was to do album in the 5 days by recording guitar first day then drums on Tues, bass on Wed, vocals Thurs and mix on the Friday and knock off early for the weekend. Sounds simple...and maybe workable..but sadly we never got further than the guitar. He was alone on sessions, had all new guitars and amps but sadly couldn't really get through a song without turning his guitar off or walking away. He'd always come back though and I think we did work the full five days but I dont think he wanted to be there. We spent some time mixing out takes from other sessions which appeared on Opal and also mixed the legendary Vegetable Man and Scream Thy Last Scream but still never released.
That's about all on Syd...I just remember him as being very fragile. I was honoured to have a picture of one of my tape boxes from a Syd session on Opal which is compilation of out takes etc on vinyl. Its a disgrace as I cant spell ‘Effervesing ‘ on Effervescing Elephant. Still cant.