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jrhoden 1st July 2009 11:47 AM

John Lennon Mic question
Hello Mr. Leckie

I was wondering how difficult it was to and what mics were used in the recording of John Lennons Piano and Guitar.

thank you

johnleckie 8th July 2009 12:37 PM

John Lennon mic question
Long time ago and I was just tape op on that one. Mics would have been probably all Neuman u87 or 67 on guitar and on piano. Piano was mono so would be one mic placed center slightly angled towards hammers and lid down on 'short leg' or a 87mic box used to prop it up! Its slightly shorter so lid can be just that bit lower. Top and sides cover with as much padding/duvet/blanket you can and especially over front where he is singing so less voc getting onto piano mic. Vocal could have been tube U47 or 87/67. Lots of 10k (+8 to 10db) on EMI TG desk and maybe TG compression. Vocal in Fairchild limiter.