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SpeedKing9 4th August 2005 06:13 PM

Project Studio Startup Help!
Hi all. I plan on starting a medium to hi end project studio. I do need some advice, though.

I plan on a Great River MP-1NV for a 1 channel mic pre (I will only be tracking bass, guitars, vox), and when the time comes, I will obtain a second mic pre when I wish to do stereo operation. I also plan on a pair of Dynaudio Bm6a's for my monitors, and for now a RODE NTK as my condenser mic (I have a Shure SM-57/Sennheiser 421 already for the guitar mics).

Assuming this will be housed in a treated room, I need some assistance/advice regarding an actual interface. I have a computer with Cubase and many plugins on it. I've been looking at two different interfaces. One is the E-MU 1820m and the other is the Lynx L22. Which would you recommend for my setup and why?

I also have a question of connectivity; in my setup, would I need to get anything else to properly connect my interface to the Dynaudio monitors? I've been told, that if I want to control volume, I'd probably need to get a small mixer? I'm lost on this, so any help would be great.

SpeedKing9 10th August 2005 04:47 AM

bump - I'm mainly concerned right now on would I control volume with an E-MU a/d d/a box to the Dynaudios?

natpub 10th August 2005 05:11 AM

I'm gonna recommend the Lynx from your choices and base the rest of my reply from there. It is basically the same for whatever sound card or external converters you may use.

The Lynx L22 looks fine for your purposes. It comes with 2 channels in and 2 channels out break-out cable for analog I/O. See the bottom of this page to look at the breakout cables:

Just plug your preamp output into one of those analog inputs. The L22 also comes with SPDIF and AES digital I/O, so that means you would be using one or the other, giving you two more channels of input/output but for digital signal. If you are not sure what all that means, don't worry about it for now.

Finally, you have the two analog outputs. Plug those directly into your monitors, or get extension cable if you need it. I think the Dyn's have XLR inputs on the back.

Anyway, you can then control the volume from the digital mixer software that comes with your sound card, or from the main output buss on cubase.

Be sure not to power up your speakers before you have your computer on and your digital mixer software open and set for volume down to zero and set your sample rates, bit rate, etc. Then power on your speakers, and slowly turn up the digital mixer output.

If you still want some kind of analog volume nob, you really dont need a small mixer, just get an ATTY and run the signal through that first, then to the monitors.

Here is an ATTY:

BTW, not to be mean or anything, but the reason you did not get replies is most likely that this more properly belongs in the Low End Theory forum (or . It is the best place to get the most accurate and helpful answers to questions like this. The set up you are making is not what you would want to categorize as medium to high level. I'm a low-ender myself, so I don't mind tellin ya this.



SpeedKing9 10th August 2005 07:19 PM

Thanks natpub!

Actually, some things I'm starting to reconsider are my mic and possibly adding in a nicer compressor. What condenser mic would you recommend for me (budget $1000 or less). I'm also considering a Distressor to compliment the vocal chain.

natpub 11th August 2005 03:02 AM

I personally don't get anything until I really need it. I don't see anything wrong with your mic for now (the NTK). I also like my RNP, though I am sure the distressor is really great. When we are making the best possible recordings with what we have, and our clients and cashflow says we need better, then we will buy more--that's just how we roll, hahaha.