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CoconutHead 2nd August 2005 06:02 PM

I have a mix here called "White lie"
Hi everybody,

I have a mix here called "White lie" and would like some help to see where i need improve or fix the mix. It kind of rocks. I am not sure what it sounds like though.There is a lot going in this mix i

The vocals i have no control over on how they are recorded.
I know my buddy uses M-Box with a Rode NT-1. I try to help him and he is getting better. He sends me over the vocal tracks dry.

On my end i do all the music and mixing. What i use for this song is.
Protools 002R, LA-610 , Baby Blue Bottle, Vox amp, Gibson LesPaul, Fender bass and Alesis ION.

The drums are Drums on Demand and would love to replace them with a real drummer but maybe with your help i can make them sound a little bit better.

My monitors are Blue Sky.

Any input would be great. You can hear at the bottom of the page at...