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w2w 31st July 2005 01:55 PM

Help locating replacement faders for console
Can someone please post some links where to get replacement console faders.
I have Duncans now,looking for either the same or maybe some suggestions of other brands to try,any help would be greatly appreciated...THANKS.

brianroth 1st August 2005 07:18 AM

P&G faders, distributed in the USA by Dale Manquen:

TKD faders, available from RAL Audio:

Further downscale (yet still "enclosed", like your Duncans) are Panasonics stocked by Digikey (the "rail guide" versions):

and Alps from Mouser (see "figure B" towards the bottom of the page):

Any/all of the above choices could entail some mods in your equipment to make them physically retrofit.