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mathieujohnson 29th July 2005 07:49 PM

keyboard amp and speakers
I was wondering what slutz were using as keyboard amps and/or bass amps.
I don't have much money, and i really am into this whole home made/handmade speaker thing.
So I use hafler amps but they either don't play loud enough, or when they do they get so hot that they go in standby mode or their protection mode or something.
Or else the fuse brakes, so how do you guys do it.
I need enough juice to play over drums and loud guitars!

tINY 29th July 2005 10:01 PM

more efficient (PA) speakers could help. If you are making your own, try to get a woofer with an efficiency of 91dB/W or better.

Also, getting a cheap, more powerful amp for the bass and using an active crossover will help.


jchas 29th July 2005 10:32 PM

I'm not sure what your circumstances are - but assuming you're playing at clubs,
and most clubs have their own PA/House system, you should let it do most of the
work. It saves you a lot of hard work carrying equipment and the expense of owning your own system.
1) Buy a small stereo mixer (Mackie, A&H, Soundcraft)
2) Set your keyboards to MONO- output (same signal to left and right output
3) Send one side of the mixers output to the rig you already have - it shoud be
plenty loud to use as your personal monitor.
4) Send the other side of the mixers output to the house system. You'll probably
need a cheap direct box to plug into their snake.

Even a mediocre house PA should sound better (and louder) than most anything
you can whip-up with homemade speakers and mid-grade amplifiers.

GYang 22nd October 2007 09:03 PM

Motion Sound KBR-3D

Squids 22nd October 2007 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by GYang (Post 1579237)
Motion Sound KBR-3D

Yeah! I have a little Motion Sound stereo amp that works pretty good for live rehearsals at least and on stage if you send the outputs through the PA as well then it is a nice on stage monitor for your own keyboard levels.

I've also used the little JBL mini PA powered speakers (EON? Something like that... Mackie has them too... forget what it is called) and those work well but sometimes I only want to carry one thing (like guitarists carry around a combo) and my stage rig for local gigs is practically just a Nord Stage 76 and this little amp... I might bring a laptop with the plug-ins my company makes like Sonik Synth and Miroslav Philharmonik with custom SampleTank sounds but only if it's a gig that requires a variety of sounds beyond piano, organ and basic synth leads, pads etc.

dementedchord 22nd October 2007 10:18 PM

i basicly use a small very effcient PA... if you decide to go the powered jbl type route suggest you get a DI in front of it... most keyboards wont quite drive the input of those things...