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Jonk 29th July 2005 06:08 PM

Thoughts on standalone phantom pwr. box vs. internal?
I have an Ampex 351 pre that I'd like to use some condensors with.
I guess like any other component, phantom power is gonna effect the overall sound, so probably the legit way would be to modify this thing w/ something high quality, but
I thought I'd ask, since my initial reaction to everything is to take the easy way out, what you think of those standalone phantom boxes? Yay or Nay?

I love this pre.

brianroth 29th July 2005 07:07 PM

A phantom supply should NOT alter the sound of any mic or preamp. It's just a pair of matched 6K8 resistors and a 48 Volt power supply!


Jonk 29th July 2005 11:15 PM


Well, if it's that easy, I wonder if I could build one for extra cheap.

littlelabs 30th July 2005 12:53 AM

Many of the standalone phantom boxes have dc blocking caps in them which are electrolytics of sometimes questionable quality, and will alter the sound to a certain degree. heppy

bunnerabb 30th July 2005 01:53 AM

If you are using a console with global phantom, I heartily recommend indivdual, channel assignable phantom.

If the channel doesn't NEED 48 V, I rather it didn't get it.

brianroth 30th July 2005 07:32 AM

I guess some outboard phantom boxes DO use coupling caps but they really shouldn't be required for any "decent preamp". Either there's an input transformer, or existing caps in the preamp that can withstand the phantom rail.

OTOH, really low end preamps might have cheeze-ball input caps, but I haven't run into them myself. Behringers and other cheap Chinese stuff aren't in my realm.

Power-One (and others) make a nifty open frame linear supply rated 48VDC at 0.5A. One of those modules will power at LEAST 35 mics under absolute worst case conditions.

I still have a few Power-Ones left from a "close out deal" I found awhile back. Ping me off-list if anyone is interested.