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natpub 28th July 2005 08:34 AM

Midas Venice <-->AD/DA question
I am wanting to get a Lynx Aurora 16 and use it for AD/DA from DAW to our Venice line in and direct outs.

The Lynx uses DB25 connections for analog I/O with 8 channels on each connector. All the snakes I see for this config output to 8 balanced connectors, either XLR or TRS.

The line ins and direct outs of the venice are 1/4 unbalanced.

How would I make this work so I have the most options and best performance for the future? Just go TRS and plug the balanced 1/4 into the line inputs and outs? Or get the XLR's and use line transformers on every end (overkill?). Or something else?

It seems like if I had the XLR snake, I would have more future options for going direct into the AD from outboard and such. I am trying to buy as few snakes and other cables as possible.



nvtmusic 28th July 2005 12:51 PM

Midas connections
I will give this a shot - ( Im not that sharp ! ) , anyway the block diagram of the venice
I believe shows the line ins are balanced , and the direct outs are not . I just went thru
this with connections from protools . At first I had a snake with xlr connections .
(already had it ) . and found it to be to hot going in to the midas . I posted here and
an informative member let me know to use the line ins . It worked great - I have more (flexable) head room to mess with on the board . I had a db25 cable with no ends on it and just soldered on some TRS connectors on the end , it works fine .
Anyway this is what I have found out so far , If this is wrong hopefully someone else
will chime in and help out .

natpub 29th July 2005 02:56 AM

thanks for the info.

I assume one would just use TRS->DB25 for the direct outs, even though they are unbalanced? Will this mess anything up?

natpub 29th July 2005 08:22 AM


nvtmusic 29th July 2005 02:37 PM

I can't be sure , but it seems at the venice the cold (ring and the sleeve )are together
anyway ( unbalanced ) . I know on the inputs of the 192 you have to disconect the neg terminal for unbalanced connections (ring) . I would check with lynx to be sure you would not have to disconnect it at db25 end - or just us unbalnced connectors. Sorry I'm not able to help you
out on this one . Hopfully someone could help out.
Good luck with your setup ,

kurtr2 7th August 2005 11:55 PM

the midas venice is balanced!!!
pin 1- ground, pin2-hot, pin3- cold.
at least thats what it says on my venice 240

audioez 8th August 2005 12:47 AM

I've had sucess when using some api and neve mic pres as front end, then I return them to the venice via the XLR input, this works well. ez