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Jules 17th April 2003 01:57 AM

Awesome DAWSUM Sampler
Awesome DAWSUM Sampler

"How much difference DOES the summing bus make? Can I tell one platform's summing from another? How about busing to analog, would I hear that much difference? Does moving the faders really degrade the sound?"
Those are some of the questions we attempted to answer with the Awesome DAWSUM Sampler. This 2 CDR set allows you to listen to 29 different mixing platforms, including DAWs, digital mixers, and analog mixers using identical soundfiles at identical levels. This set contains 58 stereo 24-bit/48K wave files, so you can compare them head to head on your own computer. You decide how much difference there truly is. For more information about testing, the platforms included, and to offer feedback, go to:

The CD is $24.95. The final price of $29.95 includes shipping and handling. Int'l orders will be charged an additional $3 for int'l postage.

Check it out!


BrianT 17th April 2003 02:07 AM

Having just gotten my copy, I must say that I highly recommend ordering the CD in order to come to your own conclusions about this long running controversy, not someone elses.

Do yourself a favor if you get it, and listen before you look.

Brian T