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lowswing 15th April 2003 10:29 PM

akg c33E
does anyone know this mic?
any comments?

scraggs 17th April 2003 06:02 AM


I have one on semi-permanent loan and i love it. as you may know, it's a stereo mic and you can rotate the capsules 0-180 degrees. i pretty much only ever use it for overheads, but i really think it sounds amazing. it makes life easy because i just set the capsules at 90 degrees and pick a spot over the drums. just seems to work every time. i've tried a bunch of other mics and nothing has come close for me. the c33e seems like it has a lot of lowmids scooped out, which for overheads, is great IMO. i hardly ever need to eq anymore.

i also liked it for super breathy back up vox, but generally don't use it on vocals as it's a little too bright.

tried it on acoustic guitar with so-so results. i mostly blame the crap guitar though.

that's about all i can tell ya. i rarely hear anyone talking about this mic, but i'll sure be bummed when i have to give mine back. i think they're still being made, but they're bucks....$3500 or so, i believe. i am wary of new akg stuff, so i'd say look for an older one if you can.


fifthcircle 19th April 2003 04:11 PM

I haven't use a C-33, but I use a C-34 all the time. It is great mic for a ton of things from acoustic guitar, to piano, to drums (jazz-single mic in front of the kit or for overheads). I've also used it as a section pickup for strings in chamber music (string quartet, for example) and as a main pickup for orchestra. It wasn't my favorite for the mains as I prefer my 426 (large diaphragm stereo mic)...

Overall, though, it is very versatile.