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Jonk 22nd July 2005 03:19 AM

Good, cheap source for Adcom?
Hey folks,

My girlfriend's dad doesn't use the internet at all, and he's been around to the local HiFi shops and hasn't found what he's wanted so he's turned to me, the guy who can find a good deal on the "internets"

Anyway, I have no idea about where to locate Adcom stuff, or really any good hifi superstore online or anything, so I turn to you my fellow gearslutz.

A 535 would be cool because it matches his other amp for surround stuff, but I'm not sure if these are even available new, so I don't know,

reccomendations? and where to buy?

Black Seal 22nd July 2005 03:23 AM


edyer 22nd July 2005 03:30 AM

I have a 5500 if you are interested.
It's a heavy sucker though.
See for deatails.


atticus 22nd July 2005 05:02 AM