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DivineMusic 16th July 2005 09:54 PM

tascam fw1884
we're finnishing off our studio and i wanna buy a id controller for nuendo but might now be able to....
i thought about the mackie control(24ch worth) and i also thougth about the tascam dm3200.. but today i thought about using the fw1884.. not as an interface.. but just a controller with the rosetta 800 going direct through the firewire card...
i like the way the tascam feels and i can get an argosy desk that will fit it with 2 expanders and look great too... my partner wants me to focus on the quality equipment and the sound.. the sound is taken car of.. but i want control of nuendo...
everything else is taken care of but the console/controller

elninojesus 17th July 2005 03:35 AM

Its a pretty decent controller and Nuendo supports it natively now. The biggest draw back to using it as a control surface is that there are no scribble strips. Tascam finally released SoftLCD which is like a software scribble strip that works well but it does take up a little room on your monitor. The big plus for these things right now is how cheap they have become. I think you can pick them up for as low as $650. And if you ever need to use them, the converters in it are actually pretty good for the money.


DivineMusic 17th July 2005 05:41 PM

i take it you own a 1884.
were have you seen an 1884 for as low as 650.. in know i can get the 1084 at that price but the 1884.. wow. give me that with 2 fe8's and i'll be fine.
the soft lcd.. perhaps i can try to put it on one screen...
i'm gonna have 2 20inch screens and a 42inch LCD on the wall behind the monitors.

i like the way the 1884 feel vs the mackie control, imo the faders feel better. plus it kinda looks like a mini pro control. for now i'ma use it as just a controller until we upgrade to the ID or thw system 5MC. i'm gonna go ahead and get the tascam with a 90-FW24-RR desk from argosy.

question, can you put the 1884 in demo mode like the pro control and it just goes off doing its own thing. i think for some clients that would be kinda cool but nothing special.. all they need to care about is the sound

DrDeltaM 17th July 2005 05:49 PM

Can you edit plugins with the Tascam? I see it has some knobs for EQ, but what about other plugins?

elninojesus 17th July 2005 06:56 PM

I was talkin about ebay but I was a little off. I remember I was lookin into selling mine a while back (tryin to downsize a bit) and I could swear I saw some goin for $650-$700 but I could be wrong. It looks like they are goin around $800 now which is still a pretty good deal. And yeah, if you have that much monitor space, the softLCD shouldnt be a problem.

If there is a demo mode, I havent ever seen it. I kinda think there isnt one.

I'm pretty sure it will control some eq plugs but honestly I havent ever tried because I've mostly used it in Cubase SX 1.06 which doesnt support it natively. All my experience with it so far has been in Mackie emulation. I need to try doin a session in DP and see what it can do.

Honestly, the only thing I use the control surface for is monitoring inputs, controlling my monitors, and writing automations. It is very nice to control myself riding the fader and then be able to smooth it out afterwards. Oh yeah, and the little wheely thing I use all the time as well.


kudzu 18th July 2005 01:10 AM

FW 1884 with 2x FE8's here...I use it with Logic and a G5...Its a wee bit tempremental, but I've learned most of its idiosyncrasies...with Logic, if u use it, not as native but in mackie emulation u can access plugins/EQ etc...faders feel nice...toggle wheel is great...its good to mix with....Like it thumbsup

Q Value 18th July 2005 04:43 AM

has anybody compared the tascam 1884/1082 converters with e-mu 1820's?
ive been thinking to buy 1820 or 1082. thank you guys.

DivineMusic 18th July 2005 06:02 AM

i had a chance to a/b the emu 1820 vs a rme multiface and the rme sounded cleaner, more detailed better imaging etc...
frontier makes decent converters so i'd say the 1884 sounds better than the emu but i could be wrong...
yea it has 192k converters but how good are they really if they couldn't beat the multiface at 88k