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guittarzzan 10th July 2005 06:17 AM

Anyone heard the Voodoo Hex or Witchdoctor amps?
Hey, I'm just in ultimate-high-gain-tone-seeker mode and stumbled across the Voodoo amps. Every review seems to say it will cure disease and make strippers fall in love with you so I am curious if any of you career engineers have run across one of these amps and what your thoughts are.
I like the basic tones of the dual recto's but good god they're harsh on the highs. Maybe that's why they're used so much...because they can cut through???... I have a VHT Hundred CLX currently which really shines on the more 80's-90's ish sounds, but it's tough to get a real tight, percussive chunk sound from it and have had little luck recording with it...even with a nice ribbon mic/57 combo and Vintech pre's.
The Engl's are also one that, from what I've read, may be in my ballpark, but then again, here's an amp that everyone supposedly loves, but I can't hear it until I buy it.
I do like buying from the little guy if he makes a good product so I guess I'm searching for some impartial opinions from anyone who's heard these amps.


guittarzzan 10th July 2005 09:26 PM

...No one? Man, where's Slipperman when you need him? boing

enharmonic 11th July 2005 01:25 AM

The VooDoo Hex is a great amp. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if one came up at the right price. Very different than your VHT...more Marshall than the VHT. You won't get that white noise passing as guitar tone thing that the Mesa recto's do (hate those amps in the wrong hands).

Have you ever checked out the Budda Superdrive series? They're my favorite for high gain. I play Wizards, which are more "classic" sounding...but if I were doing the more modern high gain thing, I would be playing a Budda Superdrive 80.

mitgong 11th July 2005 02:55 AM

Trace (Voodoo Guru) is a pretty cool guy, and committed to improving tone worldwide. His expressed intention (to me, anyway) was to develop amps that even when distorting to hell and back would still deliver all the notes of a chord. Any chord. Call him up.