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a_ahmed 23rd February 2009 04:20 PM

FS: Hi-End Studio Reference audiophile equipment
I was told to post these on this forum for a quicker sale.

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Mint condition KEF Studio Reference HI-END series speakers plus two HI-END Reference Aleph4 Clone Handmade Class A monoblock Amplifiers. Please bear in mind that these are not commercial versions of Hi-Fi equipment, these are custom made with no expenses spared!

Because of family needs they must go, all interested buyers are more than welcome to come and have a listening session to these marvels. To re-iterate these are HAND MADE, CUSTOM HI-END studio wonders, containing several gold and silver parts, for highest levels of quality and sound imaginable, high end components from Germany, Japan and the States hand picked for the best final result. This is not for wanabes. No expenses spared! Over 10,000$ into both the speakers and mono blocks.

Price will NOT be lowered. This is a great deal for those that know what these actually are and not the home boys who think their 10000w class F amplifiers and boom box in their civic is 'more powerful' (don't embarrass yourself).

Please contact me by PM, I am not providing the phone number in here, selling these for my father.

3800$ no negotiations.


-(Nelson Pass) Aleph 4 amplifiers - x2 “Class A” monoblocs 200W per channel (aprox. 30kg each unit weight) All Reference parts used.
-KEF 108 Studio Custom made speakers 5 way – 250W bi-wire inputs (aprox. 40kg each unit weight)
-Mark Levinson preamp 38S with a custom chassis and upgrade components built for enhanced sound.
-HI-END AudioQuest Speaker cables (Rockefeller quad series)
-Tons of regular and reference audio CDs.

The speakers are one offs based on KEF 104/2 and KEF 107/2 designs with upgraded components . Really unbelievable sound. Great stage, tunable, etc... its pretty bad ass to put it simply. Feels like you have an orchestra right in front of you. The monoblocs and the upgraded Mark Levinson preamp combined with them are just insane... I've listened to alot of different equipment hi-end commercial and custom and well it's hard to textualize you have to really hear it.. The cd player my dad made a custom DAC internally (upgraded it) so the signal is as pure as possible, its an unbelievable combination. If my memory serves me, the cables themselves were 1000$+

Whatever the case this is a great deal and our loss is your gain ...

PM me or email me at [email protected]