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Hiwatt 4th July 2005 07:01 PM

Ampex tape gurus, got a ? for you...
Is it true that the record and reproduce electronics in the ampex mm1200 are the same, or at the very least, very similar to those in the ampex ag-440 machines?

So will an 8 track one inch ag-440b/c sound like a 16 track 2 inch mm1200?

I have heard that the electronics are very similar but the transport on the mm1200 is vastly superior to the ag-440's and of course the cosmetics are different. But the guts are pretty much the same, yes?

gevermil 4th July 2005 08:33 PM

yes to all questions
go to the ampex list archive and get all the ampex advice you can handle
hell , the guys who built them chime in there.

brianroth 4th July 2005 08:59 PM

Essentially identical audio electronics are found in the AG-440, 440B, 440C, MM-1000, 1100 and 1200.

In the 440 family, the C featured a different record head that provided much better sel-sync response than earlier models. It also added "punch in" automatic monitor switching.


gevermil 4th July 2005 10:00 PM

hey bri
what exactly dose that punch in monitor switch acheive

brianroth 4th July 2005 10:33 PM

When doing a punch-in with tape rolling, the switching logic goes like this.

1. The track to be punched is set into "ready" and "sync". Roll tape, playback is from record head at the channel's line output.

2. Punch in. Record head is connected to output of record amp (instead of input of repro amp) and the channel line output is fed the signal from the line input.

3. At punch-out, the audio reverts back to "1" above.

Thus, the artist hears sync playback until the punch, then hears live audio, then sync playback at the punch out.

On a 440, 440B, and early production MM-1000s, it takes three hands to do that! One to twist the rotary switch from "sel sync" to "ready", one to press record, and one to flip the lever switch from "repro" to "input".