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jdunn 1st July 2005 10:30 PM

free 2-trk Mastering Software for Mac OS 9>/Classic - check it!
sonicWORX Studio

I was trolling for free software last night and came across this. It's a really nice program for the older Mac OS that has been discontinued and made available for free.

I booted my old G4 1.2 gig tower into OS 9 and loaded it up. This looks like some of the best free software I've ever seen. The one comment about it at says "Best algorithms I've ever heard on a Mac". I haven't run audio through it yet, but I looked through the menus and it has a ton of different offline and realtime plug-ins/DSP.

Make sure you download the full version, not the basic one. The serial number is on the freebies page.

Oh, I almost forgot..... it works in Classic mode for OS X too! You need to download the ASIO driver if you want to use it in OS X/Classic. There's a new 2005 driver.

jdunn 3rd July 2005 12:01 PM

I did a quick remaster of a cassette track with this sonicWORX Studio. It's a little quirky, especially going back to OS 9 after a few years on X. One thing I noticed, when you add a module to the realtime effects block, you can't remove it until you've opened it.

Speaking of the realtime effects, not bad. I especially like the one called Restore, which dials in harmonics. It just has 2 controls, frequency and gain. Way cooler than a high shelf eq, etc...

The multiband comp was pretty decent too. Tamed a vocal then brought it out in the mix. The subharmonics block is great on hip hop. Lots of cool processing.

It didn't crash once either! I seriously think this could be some useful software.

kennytrakks 8th January 2012 05:55 PM

Hi I'm Kenny and I'm new to Gearslutz, I'd like to say hello to all you regular members out there , we're mastering our third album and are low on funds, we're looking for mastering software for my G4, after looking at your forum I'm gonna try and download the free sonix works studio. Any advice would be appreciated...cheer Kenny