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Faderjockey 1st July 2005 06:31 AM

SCSI Hard drive HELP!!!!!!!
I need some help. I did a session the other day on one of my scsi drives. It's in a hotswap caddy. Glyph trip rack. I just tested this drive out and seemed cool. Well I did a session on it all day. Then did a quick mix on it.

2 days later i go back to it. Clients not there thank god. But my Atto software sees a drive but it's calling it a name I had on another drive that is not even in the Glyph rack at that time. When I tell it to mount this drive it's saying -60 error can't mount.

So then I tried the old trick of trun everything off. Power up my Glyph let the hard drive spin up then fire up my Mac. That has worked in the past when I had trouble. I then would get the files i need and can the drive. This time the mac says can't read drive(eject or initalize).

Is there anything else I can do or try before I.......Have to make that call to them. I was waiting on them to bring some disc by the studio to backup. They forgot them and haven't called. i was stalling to fix this before i call them.

Let me know if you can help thanks. grrr

Faderjockey 1st July 2005 05:10 PM

No I haven't it's not that. It's a problem with this one drive. I did sessions all last night and now today with other drives in the glyph and it's fine.

This one drive wants to be a pain in my a**.

I zapped the P-ram on 9600 back in the day on our older Pro Tools rig and it killed the mother board. I found out that is really rare but can happen. So of course it happened to me. confoosed

robmix 1st July 2005 08:18 PM

Have you tried Norton ? I rescued a drive a couple weeks ago that was unreadable and getting the "eject" or "initialize" window. You might have just lost the headers or catalog B-tree or whatever the hell it's called.


Jan Folkson 1st July 2005 08:21 PM

Without knowing more about it, it sounds like it might be a directory issue. Alsoft's diskwarrior should fix it if that's the case.

I'd try that before Norton's.

Good luck.

recorderman 3rd July 2005 02:35 AM

rebuild the desktop AND use DiskWarrior. And silly you for not having a back-up copy of the files.

Faderjockey 3rd July 2005 07:06 AM

Wasn't my fault about the backup....It was this quick hip hop/R&B thing and the dudes didn't bring enough dough and didn't show backup later....So I pulled the drive. I did unmount first. Always!!!! on that.

So I tried Norton but it said the copy I have wouldn't work on 9.2.2 I think it's older. I think I had buddy let me use DiskWarrior before. I'll see if I have it and give that a shot.

Thanks guys....If not I'm making the call cause I'm tired of messing with it...My other paying clients are backed up. Plus some buy the drives and extras. These guys I think, Think it records into space like Magic!

Faderjockey 3rd July 2005 08:24 AM

Ok...I rebuilt the desktop....THen I fired up DiskWarrior it didn't see the drive.

Then I decided to try the built in Mac First Aid....Why didn't I try that before?

Anyway..IT said a major problem I told it to repair 2sec later my files popped open on the screen.

NICE!!!! It's 3:23am here and I feel better...Now I'll sleep in tomorrow. jkthtyrt

Thanks guys.