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BevvyB 24th June 2005 09:44 AM

Own up - Which CDs have you sampled from?
I haven't done this for AGES. Used to do a lot of it back in the early 90's when samples were harder to come by.

There are some moments of Green Day where I've thought 'hmmm, I could have that kick and snare...' - like in the drum fill in When September Ends

So come on, own up. Tell us which tracks you've thought of pinching from.


PS I'm not really talking about 'loops' as such for dance music, more like single hits that you've liked the look of and thought about 'hiding' in your own track...or not even hiding, sticking right up front!

no ssl yet 24th June 2005 12:30 PM

I do hip hop LOL my list would be too long to type

BevvyB 24th June 2005 12:32 PM

Ok if you're somone who's ALWAYS doing this, which samples do you come back to repeatedly?

planet red 24th June 2005 12:49 PM

I always have a hard time making a super squashed processed snare from a mastered record sound like it fits in with a real set. Seems like once a record goes to mastering drums by themselves sound way different. Once I tried to sample one of my own recordings and had to go back to the unmastered mix to get the sounds... Just sounded like a drumset with an obvious sample.. probably just me..

I was lucky enough to have the owner of own of my favorite studio give me ALL his drum samples, so im done needing to find good samples


zemlin 24th June 2005 01:34 PM

The waveform on my Cheap Tracks logo is from Alan Parsons Project "I Robot", but that was recorded from vinyl, not ripped from a CD. yingyang

7rojo7 24th June 2005 04:56 PM

the best of booker t and the mg s : some good gtr and snares.
Dr John
Rick James
Black Sabbath
Jame's Gang
Boz Scaggs
George Duke
late model Sly Stone (back on the right track)
Lonnie Smith
50,000 Hollywood sound effects
There's 1000's more!
but I don't do this anymore and the beat goes on
when I was engineering in NY I would occasionally lay down a beat or a bassline if asked by the producer.
I got way tired of that scene fast, I was even in some videos as a stunt drummer, tiring, played out for me ten years gone.
It's better for the heart to do the real thing.

joelgtrnut 24th June 2005 05:01 PM

For us metal guys always looking for good sampled kicks...

Children of Bodom on Hatecrew Deathroll, the song "sixpounder"

Right in the intro you can pick his kick drum .

You can get Pantera's kick on "5 minutes alone" in the intro. fuuck

BevvyB 24th June 2005 05:12 PM

That's more like it, be specific! May even hear of some new tracks I've never heard of!

C/G 24th June 2005 05:12 PM

[QUOTE=7rojo7] I was even in some videos as a stunt drummer QUOTE]

Was that you getting blown up in the Spinal Tap movie?