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macca 20th June 2005 06:48 PM

TC M3000 as a harmonizer?
Hi all

I'm looking to try out a harmonizer effect on vocals. I'm soon going to have access to a TC M3000 and was wondering if any of you had ever tried using its Detune effect as a harmonizer (you know, like the old AMS DMX 15-180 s, slightly pitchshifting a left-panned and delayed signal up, slightly pitchshifting a right-panned and delayed signal down).

From my searches here, I know that Jules uses a TC M3000 and that a number of you seem to have extenisve experience with the this unit and/or harmonizers in general, so I thought some of you might be able to give me so info on this topic.

From the manual, it seems like this effect could be achieved using them3000's Detune, so I was wondering if anyone had tried it and, if so, how were the results? How would it compare to an AMS DMX or any of the Eventide Harmonizers (none of which I have had the chance to use)?


Jules 20th June 2005 07:00 PM

I didnt even know it HAD a harmonizing function....

Does it?


macca 20th June 2005 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by Jules
I didnt even know it HAD a harmonizing function....

Does it?


I've only got the manual at this point, but the Pitch presets (such as preset 228, Detune Pitch) let you individually set the level, delay, pitch and pan position for up to six voices. I figured that you could pitch down and delay one of the voices and pan it left, pitch up and delay another and pan it right, set the level of the remaining four voices to zero, amd mix the results wit the original voice panned center to acheive a harmonizer effect.

From your post, you've obviously never tried this, Jules, tho it appears you've got an Eventide harmonizer so there was probably little incentive for you to do so.

Of course, there is also a good chance that I am dead wrong about this use.

angelo 20th June 2005 07:31 PM

I own an M3000 and I tried the detuning preset with mixed results.
I used it with a female vocalist and it did fatten up the vocal track a little.
I have to admit that I do not own and I never used Eventide equipment or an other kind of harmonising gear, so I have not direct comparison with the M3000.
Althought I myself was not really convinced with the results, but that just could mine inexperience with setting up the preset... mezed

Just try it and you will see for yourself if it works for you.


macca 20th June 2005 07:50 PM

thanks angelo, sould like we a re in the same boat -- I too don't have any experience with the known "good" harmonizers, so I'm concerned that I won't have a decent reference point by which to measure the M3000 as a harmonizer.

Given my inexperience with this particular effect, I'm sure that my initial attemtps with the m30000 will less than stellar. My problem will be knowing whether its because I'm doing it "wrong" (and should therefore keep experimenting with different m3000 settings) or whether its becasue I'm using the wrong tool for the job (and should therefore try a different effects unit).

That's why I was wondering whether anyone had any decent results with the M3000 as a harmonizer, so I could determine whether my anicipated problems lie just with me, or with the M3000 as well

macca 21st June 2005 04:18 PM

as a tribute to the 'what is a bump' thread, I hereby BUMP this thread to the top in a last -ditch effort to get some answers