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T-Jac 10th January 2009 01:42 AM

using firewire audio... is there a difference
So here's my chain... Sony 800G Mic -> Avalon SP 737 -> ? (2 options)

Option 1.) Purchase an Apogee Rosetta 200 and use the spdif outs to go into my Openlabs Miko (presonus firebox) and back out to the Rosetta 200.

Option 2.) Purchase an Apogee Rosetta 200 with the optional firewire card and connect to Miko using Firewire. (bypassing the presonus firebox)

now the questions....

is all firewire created equally? meaning is there a difference in latency performance between the rosetta firewire card vs presonus firebox or is it the same cause both connect using firewire ports?

quality wise i know the rosetta 200 beats out the presonus. I don't plan on using the pres on the firebox. i can bypass them with the spdif in/out right?

If possible I would like to keep that open slot in the back of the rosetta available for my
PT HD2 system (MAC) and still have the option of using Cubase via "option 1" with my miko (PC) will this work?

I only want to do this if i'm not sacraficing quality or performance in both setups. :-)


T-Jac 26th January 2009 06:21 AM

no love :-(
my very first post... 63 views later, and i get no love. nobody can help me out? hjghfgg maybe i should try a different approach..... fuuck

i'll be here waiting for some advice from you gearslutz!! kfhkh

i still have faith...

T-Jac 12th February 2009 03:33 AM

don't mind me and my questions just hop right on through....

still no love... dfegad

Led 12th February 2009 03:59 AM

Hi. Not a matter of no love, I just don't think anyone here has than particular combination. You could also ask in the music computer section.

I don't know anything about the Presonus but I reckong you'll get similar performance either way. How you come out of the Rosetta won't affect the conversion quality. It may affect latency. A lot of it will depend on your system, processor, ram and drivers you use, but I have firewire running at about 6ms latency in my writing room with a fireface 800. That's with a PC.
I personally would just try using the rosetta via spdif and see how low you can set your buffers witout problems. The smaller your buffers the lower the latency. If you can't get it low enough try purchasing the extra card. You will most likely get lower latency with a dedicated host card, but you may get it low enough with firewire.
I always suggest trying to use what you have first, then spend money if it doesn't work. How are you finding the Miko?

T-Jac 20th February 2009 03:16 AM

thanks led for the reply!!!!
i LOVE the miko. I feel i can do everything in one place which is what i was looking for. i'm new to the "pc world" but it isn't that different once you get into it. i love everything I got going on. at this point i'm just trying to go the Cubase route rather than use my PT HD rig. call me crazy, but that's what i'm going for. But until i feel confident that i can get the job done 100% with the new miko/neko cubase thing i'm gonna hang onto the PT rig which i use with a Mac. :-)
i'm doing research, but the main thing is coming off a dsp card based pro tools vs a native based cubase. adjusting to latency and the use of the CPU with plugins and audio etc...

i think my next purchase after my "audio interface/converter" is gonna be the UAD 2 nevana card... that will help take some work off the cpu.

Guitar Zero 20th February 2009 03:36 AM

I have an apogee rosetta and tried it via spdif through my presonus firestudio project unit. It was very unstable and I ended up getting the firewire card, and it's been rock solid. YMMV but I'd get the firewire.

FadersmakmeHappy 20th February 2009 06:30 AM

I run an apogee via firewire to my Mac. Can't say that I am having latency issues. My advice is to track without using plug ins, especially on the buss since those will weigh you down. Keep the system clean and the buffer size small and I think you should be fine.

nas 21st February 2009 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by T-Jac (Post 3802512)

is all firewire created equally? meaning is there a difference in latency performance between the rosetta firewire card vs presonus firebox or is it the same cause both connect using firewire ports?

Yes there is a difference but it's more to do with how good the drivers are for the particular interface in terms of stability and latency rather than the Firewire protocol itself (although latency is still inherent). So you should try (or do some research about the drivers) for each interface separately to see which gives you the better performance and stability.

T-Jac 24th February 2009 01:15 AM

thanks guys so much for your input...

i'm on it. kfhkh