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drongo 18th June 2005 08:59 AM

Musicians in Athens, Greece
Hi there,

I'm looking for a drummer (rock/jazz/brushes) and upright/contra bass player to undertake some tracking sessions on the island of Naxos.

Any of you guys able to help with a few recommendations or phone numbers?

Much appreciated...


orville 18th June 2005 04:06 PM

As a greek (stuck in london) i must say thats a hell of a good deal..
Naxos is amazing & the sea / food / beaches ah....
If i could play double bass i 'd take it up straight away.

But seriously now, try local musicians. It depends on what you need, Athens has several music schools, the main conservatoires being the "Ethniko Odeio" and "Philipos Nakas" and the wonderful 'Musiki Etairia Athinon' run by Jannis Ioannidis, good coleague of Xenakis and founding member of the new homophony movement in the 70s. Lovely man as well.

If you call them they d be helpful.
Do this soon though, cause the whole country is on holiday from mid july.
Also, if you let me know a tad more about yourself & what you do, i can put you in touch with some graduates from the good schools there.

- Generally you can get amazing players there and its a pitty cause the music industry is half dead and pretty nasty.

What i dont get is how you ll get a recording studio in Naxos.. / is there any??
I m so jealous, if i could afford it i'd be there all year round recording in a purspose-built studio in the middle of the aegean.. yes. a floating one maybe, with an inhouse chef & a latch for catching fresh swordfish & red mullets..

What an evil post man.... today its 30 degrees celsius in london.... sticky.


drongo 20th June 2005 03:54 PM

Hi Orville,

Thanks for writing mate and for the music college recommendations.

You're right in thinking that there isn't too much on Naxos in the way of studios but luckily I have a good portable setup and mic selection. I've managed to get some good rooms arranged - one cracker in the old castle (the castro) with wooden roof/celing for drums and room flavoured recordings and I've arranged with THE ONLY studio owner here that I can use his dry rooms. I have a small treated mix room that I use too.

Sourcing musicians was super difficult. I was here last winter and went through the local candidates but the penchant for rock here is all pervasive unless it's island music and then I appear like the devil to the traditionalists with my technology chains... heh Found lots of good lute and bouzouki players...

There are a couple of projects I'm working on at the moment and I think I've managed to get a drummer for the most pressing one but I am still looking for an upright bass player. If you know of anyone then I could stick the rack in the car and head to Athens for a day - it's overdubs and not a group live recording. This record is happening in the next two weeks and I would need someone next's not big budget so maybe a hot music student might be the match.

One other project coming up is a indian music flavoured one where I have taken ragas and extrapolated tonal harmony from them. Some of the Greek music seems to have analogous counterparts to things like aalap and the development of tetrachords over the duration of the melody. I'd like to road-test this 'jazz odyessy' later on in the year so for sure I'd be interested in a few contacts to try this stuff'd be part electric/electro and part acoustic - improvs essentially.

PM me with your response if you like and thanks again for taking the time to post. I'll be here June/July and back in Oct/Nov so if you are in the area please let me know and we could have a little drink in the skelping sun!


orville 20th June 2005 06:13 PM

PM'ed you.

- Ah, dont get me started its fascinating stuff..
interestingly, 'tropoi' as in modals and 'ragas' is equivalents to 'ways' and 'roads'.. Very much similar in intention which is ways or 'roads to get from one note to its higher / lower unison. Lute / Oud players in the Cyclades can be amazing, especially the elder ones..

Try finding some athens based jazz-groups, dont remember names but some do this crossover work heavily based on modals and its quite good, very distinctive sound.
You d be well into them i recon.