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auralman 17th June 2005 06:16 PM

bad vendor, bad!

Bought a pedal from them, first received an email saying US Mail, 3-4 days. This was the 9th - got it today, the 17th. Whatever. Little things, but...

It arrived with both tubes shattered to pieces. I give them a call, and the guy tells me it's not their responsibility - I need to send it to the manufacturer on my own penny to get it fixed.

I call the manufacturer, of course they're shocked...but obviously they can't do much but whatever they would under warranty.

So if I buy a refridgerator from Sears and it arrives in my kitchen broken - according to, I should box it up myself, carry it downstairs, bring it to fedEx, send it to Frigidaire for $500, and wait for a new one????

Appalling. Buyer Beware.

C/G 17th June 2005 06:23 PM

That is kind of lame. Any good retailer would send you out two tubes ( worth about $6 ea retail ) to you asap. It is probaly thier fault anyway for not packaging the pedal properly. It is totally worth thier while to establish customer realtions. That being said your warning of thier lameness will cost them more in lost sales than two replacement tubes. It is probaly cheaper for you to get your own tubes than it is to mail the pedal back to the manufacturer, then you have to wait. Again.

FMNYC 17th June 2005 06:29 PM

wtf are they thinking? send a couple of tubes and keep the customer/s...
yeah... lame lame lame.

thanks for posting.


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