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[email protected] 15th September 2008 06:10 AM


My trusted Lexicon PCM80 display just died (R.I.P ) and my Lexicon distributor informs me that the company has stopped supporting the unit. Means:- junk it and get a new Lex96 instead!

My quest now is to find out if anyone knows of an Editor/Librarian software package that can allow me to software control the unit as it is still in healthy shape and sound! Anything that can run on an Apple OSX. Or if someone has a schematics of it lying around and is kind enough to pass its scan I can get one of my service guys to have a look at getting it up and going.

Thanks again everyone. This site is what makes audio engineering such an exciting experience. (Of course so does the API's, the Neve's, Great River, Manley, Lexicon's, Chandler....sigh!!)