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20to20 6th March 2003 01:22 AM

Yes, you have heard Raymond Scott...
His compositions from the 30's were featured in
many Warner Bros. cartoon classics...

In the fifties, he kinda caught the [DIY] Gear Bug:
Much more at:

dBunny first mentioned him on a thread over at
Lee's WHAT THE...? site:

Killahurts 6th March 2003 02:52 AM


Thank you SO much for posting stuff about this genius. I have CDs of his music, but I didn't have these pics heh

Raymond may have been one of the first Gearsluts! And I didn't know he had a website so thanks for that too.

listen up you slutz, his control room might be the future mezed


20to20 6th March 2003 03:21 AM

And his proto-sequencer lined the other wall:
"Standing 6 feet high and covering 30 feet of wall space, the sequencer consisted of hundreds of switches controlling stepping relays, timing solenoids, tone circuits and 16 individual oscillators. If you walked behind the wall during the operation the music produced would be all but drowned out by the cacophonous klickety-klack of the relays as they switched positions."
-Herb Deutsch, author & Hofstra University music professor, recalling a visit to Raymond Scott's self-design & built studio