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Jules 14th July 2002 04:46 AM

Second hand Pro Tools market - trends? - predictions?
Has it deleoped as you thought, post PTHD?

Is a 'price crash' of second hand Mix + overdue?

It is a cool time to "__________" Pro Tools Mix + gear (fill in the blank)

C.Lambrechts 15th July 2002 04:36 AM

It is a cool time to SELL Pro Tools Mix systems. Because the way prices are dropping you won't be able to get dfegad dfegad for it at this rate by 2003 IMHO.

be afraid of OS-X .....

Jay Kahrs 15th July 2002 05:55 AM

Just for the hell of it, what's a PT III system worth these days? What was it worth 2 years ago? The project system that I trashed for the AES show cost $200 for an 882 and 8100.

Jules 15th July 2002 11:32 AM

"$200 for an 882"

Those are fetching close to £1,000 (UK money) over here in the UK.

Diginerd 15th July 2002 02:53 PM

Sure you're not thinking about 888s?

I bought an 882/20 (I've since seen the light and sold it..) for £350 a couple of months back.

I bought my Mix Plus (Cards only) for $5500 at the start of the year, right now I reckon I'd be lucky if I got $4k for them... Such is life..

I have it on pretty reasonable authority (from inside Digi) that Mix Plus "WILL ABSOLUTELY BE SUPPORTED UNDER OSX" all I can sayu is that I F)(*ng hope so! I only just sold up my Nubus PTIII rig to move to Mix. HD looks oh so very nice, but the amount of money I am making from my rig is not enough to justify the upgrade (I don't qualify for the cheap upgrade price).


UK PT prices are hideously inflated. Read punds for dollars, then add 17.5% VAT. Total rip off. I always buy my PT gear from the US. Works out much cheaper, and the registrations do transfer..

Markus Stock 16th July 2002 05:38 PM


Last year I bought a BIG PT III Setup for ca. 5000$ - it's a MAC 7100 with G3 Update, an Expansion chassis loaded with 2 Disk I/Os, 5 DSP Farms, a seperate tower with 5 x 9 Gig Drives, all the Plug Ins I ever wanted and more (Waves Gold,MCDSP, TC... and all the ****..), an 888, and 882 and an SSD for sync. The only restriction is it is only recording in 16 Bit but in the future I might get an RME (with dither) so upgrading converters is not an issue as well. Man I am damn happy I bought this - for now it sounds way better than my ADAT and Fostex setups I had before + I could invest the leftover money that I initially wanted to put into an Mix system in Microphones, new instruments and a couple of outboard gear. The system does what I need and more and I see myself using this for quite some time. I love the second hand market really. So far everything I bought off ebay was a real winner!!


Jay Kahrs 17th July 2002 05:23 AM

Well isn't that kind of the point? You can do great work with a PT III system even though it's "obsolete". Hell, my DAW isn't 24-bit ready yet. No one has asked me (ok, maybe two people in a year) for 24-bit files. Most of my studio is filled with used gear.

Drumsound 23rd July 2002 06:11 AM

I've only bought a small handfull of new gear. I'm about to buy a used console.

Jules 23rd July 2002 09:39 AM

Whachoo gonna get?

bushwick 18th June 2013 12:36 AM

2002....24 bit files....

dodittydada 18th June 2013 02:40 AM

WTF? You bump a 10 year old thread to enlighten us with that earth shattering contribution? That gets my vote for most pointless post of 2013.