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Jay Kahrs 2nd March 2003 06:16 AM

Halfer M5 monitors
Has anyone tried them out or better yet, actually own and use them? I've seen the reviews and stuff but now I'm just looking for real world use and experience, especially how they translate. Anyone compare them to NS-10, Reveals or other stuff? With any luck I'll have a chance to listen to them early in the week.

moon_unit 4th March 2003 05:56 PM

They tend to be a tad mid-heavy and bass-shy.

Mixes tend to translate with quieter vocals and guitar. Not quite as harsh / fatiquing to the ear as NS-10s.

But like anything else, you can learn them and get acceptable results. Overall, not the best - but certainly not the worst. Good value for the money, but your best bet in the sub-$400 category is probably still the Yorkville YSM1.

Jay Kahrs 4th March 2003 08:04 PM

Funny, the last time I tried the Yorkville's I didn't like them, they sounded very scooped to me. I was planning on doing some shopping today but picked up a live gig with a 4-pm load in. Ah well.

chessparov 6th March 2003 02:43 AM

Jay, you may want to ask Harvey how he like his NHT Superones.


dbluefield 19th March 2003 01:48 AM

I heard them once so far -- good imaging, I'm considering them also with the sub.


Drumsound 20th March 2003 08:48 AM

Have you thought about the Earthworks monitors? They seem really interesting to me.

Jay Kahrs 20th March 2003 10:49 AM

I've heard about the Earthworks monitors and I've even seen them. Never heard them though. Also, they're in a much higher price bracket then the other things I've looked at, heard and liked. I still haven't had a chance to listen to the Halfers. I need more free time.