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Beech 11th February 2003 11:15 PM

A small question for Jonathan
Hi Jonathan,
Could you explain the button labeled 'phase centre lo/hi' on the Phase Tool please. My understanding of it is that, say it's on a kick mike, it should be set to low. If it's on, say an acoustic guitar, it should be on hi??



littlelabs 12th February 2003 01:01 AM

The button out phase hi is a full bandwidth phase curve and would be probably used 90% of the time, the phase curve here is more of a reciprocal of phase shift in nature. Phase lo is for mainly very lo end phase problems or correcting a subwoofer install with a wierd phase smear. Phase problems are unpredictable so betwwen phase reverse, phase 90/180, and phase Lo/ Hi, I just push buttons until it works. I realize this is not very scientific but sound bouncing around is very unpredictable. jummpp