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Ianneve 6th February 2003 07:18 AM

Nuendo users with the D2bus? R there any?
Just wondering if there is anyone ahead of me on this one? I know there are PT guys with the D2 bus and I know they need it. LOL. I will have one soon but just wondering how much improvement it is over the stereo bus in nuendo?


Mitch howdy

groundcontrol 6th February 2003 08:59 AM

Unfair as it is, most guys that I know that use Nuendo run krack'ed copies. :eek: tut
For some reason, I have a hard time figuring a bunch of guys that don't even want to pay for their "main" recording tool getting all excited to part with upwards of $2k to improve the summing buss of their daw... mezed

But you can never know, people do some weird **** at times... hidz

Ianneve 6th February 2003 05:25 PM

Well some of us actaully paid for Nuendo. I have a funny story about that that I won't share but there are a growing # who prefer Nuendo to Pro tools as its a ,,,,better in a lot of ways one being SOUND. So I understand that what you are saying is that Nuendo users aren't pro therefore why would they buy pro gear, you are generalizing I'm afraid. I have a lot of pro gear. Including Acoustic Science's studio traps and speaker stands, Crane song Hedd, UA 2-610, Martech, Pendulum, Neve, Tubtech, Neuman. I realize that I'm unique but I do not feel the same pressure most do to actually buy Pro tools. Because they "have to". I do understand your comment though. Maybe I will be one of the first to have the quality I have and be running Nuendo? It's sounding scary good in here lately. :>)

NathanEldred 6th February 2003 07:35 PM

Personally I think that most any analog summing device with a decent DAC is going to sound better than mixing in the box regardless of program. I think Samplitude 7.0 is the best sounding DAW on the market flat out with Nuendo right next to it. Even mixing on a Ghost with proper gain staging is better to my ears. There is a strange 'flatness' to the sound that I hear when mixing in the computer that can only be eliminated by summing with analog. Don't know what the technical explanation for it is and I don't care, it just sounds right.

Ianneve 6th February 2003 08:24 PM

eheeeeyup! This is why I so prefer this forum over the Nuendo forum. Real guys who are working and making music. The Nuendo forum seems to be littered with techno geeks who know WAY too much about why digital is this and why digital is that.. Who have probably never done a record. And probably couldn't hear the difference between a Mackie and a Neve? OK, that's all the nasty from me today, back to my nice mode. :)

groundcontrol 7th February 2003 09:40 AM

Hey, all I said was that the guys that "I" personally know that use Nuendo here in town were cheap bastards! heh diddlydoo jummpp rollz diddlydoo

I'm aware that Nashville seems to have the largest "high end" pro Nuendo user base so far.

I have nothing at all against this piece of software... Hell, I've never used it how could I have an opinion on it.

I do have an opinion on those that use it around here though! fuuck grggt jkthtyrt

I can also tell you that the main reason why I migrated from DP to PT was not because of its sound... mezed ...and that I'm presently considering buying a pretty big analog mixer, so draw your own conclusions! howdy

Ianneve 7th February 2003 03:55 PM

Well, I've got the Crane song Hedd and the RME convertors which sound more digital then the Hedd but still good and I'm getting the Dangerous 2 bus and I'm thinking with nuendo this is going to be a pretty ideal sounding and operating set up. The editing in Nuendo is amazing and I'm starting my next record in a month. Let's see how it comes out? It may be just all that? jummpp I just need a few distressors. bummer. That will have to wait.... Maybe I can borrow some for the mix?