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Saucyjack 1st February 2003 05:10 AM

Redeye vs IBP (DI Section)
Hey Jonathan,
I've had the IBP for a few months and it seems to work great as a DI(mostly on Bass) and I love it for that.
I think the adjustable phase is cool as **** but I'm not finding I use it that I've been looking at the Redeye as DI/Reamp box and selling my IBP.

Are the DIs in the Redeye and IBP the same?
If not what are the differences?

groundcontrol 1st February 2003 08:34 AM

As far as I know, the Redeye is a passive di whereas the di in the IBP is active. I remember Jonathan writing that it uses the same di circuit as its Multi-Z di (minus the variable Z).

If you wanna part with your IBP, email me I'd be interested to grab a used one.

Cheers! howdy

littlelabs 1st February 2003 08:17 PM

Mr. Ground Control is correct the Redeye is passive and the IBP is active. I think the Redeye DI is as good as it gets for passive, But a good active such as the one in the IBP is typically chosen over a passive when people evaluate DIs. The IBP has the same front end circuitry of the PCP and the Multi Z Hi Z position.

Perhaps grass hopper you should more experience the deeper subtle phase in sounds to combine and collect your snares and toms and big kick drums and why not split to two guitar amps and sweep the phase to make the grade and see what IBP has all to offer...

Do you have an earlier IBP without the reamper out?

Hey that reminds me... Harvey did you ever get the redeye I sent you?

soundguy 4th February 2003 01:10 AM


I think I have one of the first IBP's if I remember correctly. There's no serial number on my box, but the rear does have a buffered instrument out in addition to the line in and out, I should try it and see, but will the instrument out work as a reamp with the line in, or does it just work in series with the instrument input on the front panel?


littlelabs 4th February 2003 01:37 AM

Dave you have an original. I'm sorry it doesn't have the re-amp output. Only the newer rev. have this feature. The newer rev. says re-amper out on a jack above the buffer out jack.

Etnier 4th February 2003 03:49 AM

This is interesting....
I remember correspondence with you about my IBP's, bought just this July, where you said that reamping couldn't be done in the IBP. Can it now be retrofitted?

soundguy 4th February 2003 04:51 AM


two questions-

can this be upgraded? I need to get another one anyway, so...

second and more important

am I more cool because I have an original?

anxiously awaitng a reply


I actually have a third question-

how do you like to patch these in when you mix for say, a phasey snare?


littlelabs 4th February 2003 06:52 PM

I'm sorry the older IBPs are a different circuit board, so to upgrade them is not really an option. If you do have the original one though you are very cool. For being so cool if you want a Redeye which is an even better tool for re-amping, I'll give owners of the original a good deal on it.
For a snare problem without hearing it I'm not sure, but it is typically used on when you have a top and bottom snare mic. Putting the IBP on one one mic you can dial in the thunk. Sometimes if you have a room mic and put the IBP on that it will dial in the in yo face feel of the drum kit.

Hope that helps