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Blackwater 14th January 2003 07:24 PM

Always miss the low end
Damn I can't get it right. I know Mackies aren't the best monitors but ****!!! I always end up going " bass is too loud or mixes are muddy" and then have to fix in mastering somehow. I am so pissed with this. It's not like it's a huge thing it's like I'm not hearing something from 100- 130 range. Anyway... This is my bitch this week. Thanks.

Saucyjack 15th January 2003 12:12 AM

Hey Chris,
I've had the Mackies for about a year....they do seem to be tricky to learn the low end on.

Could some of your problems be room related?

A few things that helped out my low end(or at least seem to make it more accurate) were getting the Mackies off my DAW desk and onto some heavy speaker "stands"(read Cinder block kfhkh ) and usind a set of Auralex Mo pads under the Mackies
Hope that helps