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bjornson 9th January 2003 10:46 PM

Can't keep track of my shit!!!!!!!!
I own a two room commercial place with so much gear every where people are always misplacing stuff. When i do quarterly inventory wierd small stuff always comes up missing... Not stuff anyone would ever steal. It just seems with so many people doing sessions along with gigs outside the building that its impossible to keep up with. I NEVER had this issue when I did everything myself.....Well almost never. Please someone offer suggestions or just sympathize..
I just spent 2 hours looking for an old ashly st. comp I haven't used in years!rollz

PlugHead 10th January 2003 09:45 PM


I would suggest an inventory "signout" checklist: As things get borrowed/moved from room to room, and/or out the door, have a gear list tacked to the wall (preferrably near the door!) that all MUST write down:
1) what they are moving/borrowing
2) date
3) return date

This can help to track items MIA, and also gives a sense of accountability to all using the facility...