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cymatics 27th June 2002 08:29 PM

BO & Flatus
Have you ever had an individual who simply refused to practice good hygiene? Not even the basics like brushing their teeth and wearing deodorant? I know the 'starving musician' lifestyle means sacrificing the luxuries in life but does that mean everyone in the room has to suffer too?

Another thing... don't eat a ****in bean burrito before you come in and then start stinkin up my control room!!!hjghfgg I find farts just as funny as the next guy but this is a closed space fer chrisakegrrr

Ok, I feel better now.

- Jon

Jules 28th June 2002 12:15 AM

Right on!

Right guard!

Roll on!

I keep some deo (spray) for staff use around..

After coffee I try to fresshen up with gum....

Bad situation =

Smelly client

In that order..


e-cue 29th June 2002 05:07 AM

Something to be said for personal hygene in the studio. Sometimes, you're stuck... you work 3 days non stop and of course you will begin to rock the funk. And some people just fart a lot for some reason, but maybe we should come up with a reminder list:

-Shower Daily (Even if you can't smell your own odor, other people can)
-Make sure you fingers are clean, no dirty fingernails on the faders
-If you smokejkthtyrt , PLEASE ask people around you if they mind (and please smoke in the lounge or outside so you don't eff up the gear) and after you smoke, get some gum or something
-If you must eat in the control room, throw the leftovers/plates away OUTside so the control room don't smell like a sushi bar with a broken A/C
-If your one of these "I Don't Wear Shoes" people, please wear socks or at the very least, wash your feet so they don't look like "-mart feet"

Please add on if you got any others

Jules 29th June 2002 01:28 PM

Unless EVERYBODY is eating the same, no smelly food like

Fish & Chips
Scottish food

In the control room

(my CR is my dining room!)

If your feet smell, the shoes go back on.

cymatics 29th June 2002 03:46 PM


Originally posted by Jules
Unless EVERYBODY is eating the same, no smelly food like

Scottish food

Hey Jules, could you please pass the haggis? (use your imagination for the 'puking smilie' absent from the current list)

Jules 29th June 2002 04:33 PM

HAHA got ya!

Scottish food = McDonalds (geddit?!)


Jay Kahrs 3rd July 2002 07:15 AM

Yeah, the worst gigs by far have been the ones where people don't shower or anything. Maybe two years ago I had a band in for three days cutting a demo and the guitar player was a biker and wore the same clothes all three days. My solution is to burn candles and incense. If it's really really bad I've actually considered telling people not to come back until they shower.

cymatics 3rd July 2002 02:26 PM


Originally posted by Jules
HAHA got ya!
Scottish food = McDonalds (geddit?!)

Oddly enough, that's what I call McDonalds also. I assumed that since you're on the same island as Scotland that you actually meant Scottish food.heh

My wife gets on my case when I eat crap like that. When I've eaten there I tell her that I dined at a Scottish establishment. She doesn't think I'm funny...maybe it's a guy thing?

This of course means that Taco Bell is Latin American Cuisine.

- jon