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Bonus 19th October 2004 03:34 AM

Newbie with a setup question!
what up yall im new to this board so help a rookie out!

i was thinking of changing around my setup (hip hop music)

right now i have:

Oktava MK319 Condenser mic
DBX vacuum tube preamp
MIA Echo soundcard

as you can see i have no compressor

i have about a $600 budget
so here is what i was looking into

RODE NT1000 Condenser mic ... (i have heard that it is good for hip hop vox)....$250
E-MU 1212 soundcard (have heard its the best on the market for the price and much better than the MIA Echo) $200
PreSonus Comp16 Compressor $100

and if i have enough $$ left i might upgrade my preamp but i wouldnt know what to upgrade to

what does everyone think of both setups and is my new approach a much better solution? should i mix and match?

any help would be greatly appreciated!
thank you and goodnight!tutt tutt

Bonus 20th October 2004 01:15 AM



i had the same problem in the other forum i posted this question in

i feel like I'm getting dfegad on

max cooper 20th October 2004 04:21 AM

What application & computer, what plugins do you have, what are you trying to accomplish?

How about instead of dividing $600 between all three items, start with one $600+ item. Depends on how serious you are, but why get stuff you're gonna have to upgrade later?

I don't think you're being dfegad on, there's just not enough info.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Acoustic treatment for your monitoring environment.

Monitors that tell you what you're doing!!!

Shure SM7 (maybe $600 or so; you can always use one of these. Excellent)

AT 4047/SV. Just got one, new in the box for $350. I like 'em. Tranny coupled. Aged. Nice and warm.

Maybe you need an SM58

The venerable RNC. Usually under $200.

Sony Oxford bundle (Dynamics, EQ and Inflator): $660.

Do you have the software you need to hack up samples and make loops?

I don't do much hip-hop, but these are pretty basic, and keep in mind that they're just examples. The point is that there's a diff. between stuff that makes sound and stuff that makes you sound better. Those soundcards are outside my realm of experience. If you mix in the box, maybe you need some plugins. If you list the rest of your system and what your goals are, 'slutz are generally very helpful.