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crufty 16th May 2008 04:27 PM

Image Change
Hi Marshall, thanks for taking the time to respond to the questions here--nice reading and excellent detail. A couple of questions...

What is your vision of house for the future?

You have talked about how rap and house music, at one point, where at the same cross roads. Excellent point, and one that made me smile--I think back to how rappers used to talk about putting rims on their Jeep Cherokee back in the, its lambos / ferraris / 5000 sqt ft pads in monaco etc So the image game has changed for (some) rappers.

What should the image of house be (vs what it is today)? What business steps need to happen for the genre to get there? Spots on mtv cribs? Clothing lines? Perfumes?

inthere 16th May 2008 05:26 PM

We just need a change of focus. House artists have always concentrated on the music almost exclusively. Most rappers I meet already have an idea of what's going to be in their 1st video, how many babes they'll have in it, how they'll present themselves as artists, etc etc.

Most House/Dance artists have absolutely no idea what they're going to do, especially the DJ's. DJ's don't talk nowadays, so they draw a blank on stuff like music videos. The Dj's need to stay in the background now and promote the artist.