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RobMacki 16th December 2002 03:28 AM

Class A Misnomer?
I’ve been doing research for the best mic pre for my needs, mostly VO but also for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. Almost everyone boasts “Class A” but is that a misnomer? I refer you to this lecture by Rupert Neve:
After the lecture it seemed clear he was there to sell the Pure Path, but he mentions “Class A” in the lecture. Is there further reading on this?mezed

C.Lambrechts 19th December 2002 12:45 AM

try this one .... has explanations on

Class A
Class B
Class AB
Class D
Class G

or this one :

or :

look in the amplifier classes

and yet another one more hifi orientated :


RobMacki 19th December 2002 02:27 AM

Thanks Chris. Great resources.