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1nation 13th December 2002 12:54 AM

Inkel MX 1100
A freind recently acquired one of these mixers and asked me about it. I've never heard of Inkel and my web searches haven't turned up any valuable info in english.

She told me that it says "Pro mixer" on it, and I told her that's probably a bad sign, but I'd love to be wrong though... What's the word on this thing?

Huxy 20th June 2006 11:19 AM

Inkel Mixers
Hey mate - I've had a Inkel MX-1600 mixer sitting around for about four years.

I've only just started to use it now I have a couple of mics and a decent computer to record sound.

Inkel is now Inter-M which i a Korean Company. The Inkel desks were made in Korea. I scoured forums for hours trying to find info on them - finally I did and I learnt alot!

Still would like to know more though. Does anyone have and Inkel Mixer??? I after a manual for my one. I checked out you find a few mauals. I actually found one for an MX-1100 - smaller than mine but I'm guessing same make-up and specs.

Any ideas ideas anyone?? Should I flick it off and by a nice new digi mixer???
Bear in mind I'm new to recording and learning an analog desk wouldn't be any great disadvantage!