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ThomasWho 17th March 2008 09:38 AM

One-room studios (literally ONE room)
Dan ,

do you have eny experience with recording a whole band in the "controlroom" , having all the studio gear and musicians and yourself -in one room ?

Obvously there is no "controlroom" in a one-room studio , but you get my drift..

Any advice on recording like this? You seem to feel right at home in unorthodox setups , and so do I! heh



Daniel Lanois 17th March 2008 10:16 PM

The best thing about having the console and the engineer next to the musicians is fast communication. It's nice to look at somebody in the eye and talk to them openly in the room. You can think of it like a well balanced band that doesn't rely heavily on stage monitoring. The more isolation you have the more people you need to monitor the situation and you just might waste a lot of time dealing with fundamentals.