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kilmainham 17th March 2008 07:19 AM

Edge's Guitar - Unforgettable Fire and Compression

It has been reported that the LA2A compressor was used for Edge's guitar on the Unforgettable Fire album. Are you able to verify this, and could you please explain if this was used during recording (tracking) or as processing of the recorded track after the event? I am a little confused as to the approach to compression you may have with respect to electric guitar. How do you normally like to work with respect to compression?

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Daniel Lanois 17th March 2008 10:21 PM

On The Unforgettable Fire sessions I used my personal LA2A that I shipped in from Canada along with my Neve 1066 preamps. We hardly had any equipment at all for recording The Unforgettable Fire. I know I used the LA2A on Bono's voice and in those days if we had a chain that we liked we would just move it around the room relative to the next recording task. I still follow this philosophy today. If a microphone, mic pre, and compressor chain is working well, I thank my lucky stars and treat it like sacred ground.