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TRA 27th February 2008 10:15 PM

Another floorplan....
I'm buying a new place (closing in April), and the room that I'm putting my gear in is less than ideal. None of the vertical corners can have bass traps without overlapping the closet doors or windows. That only leaves me with the horizontal corners where the ceiling and wall meet.

What I'm planning on doing is bass trapping all of the horizontal corners that meet with the ceiling, and putting bass traps over the mix position. It seems that would really be my only options for treating the room as I'm not allowed to tear it apart to re-model it. Does anyone have any advice to offer?

My wife-to-be will be in the house for the home inspection tomorrow so I'll ask her to snap some photos.

Ethan Winer 28th February 2008 07:53 PM

You will do better with bass traps in wall-wall corners as well as wall-ceiling corners, and there are plenty of ways to do that. One solution is to use two bass traps per corner, one on each adjacent wall or door. Another solution is to put those traps on stands. That way they can straddle the corner, and you'll just move them as needed. That does get old fast though. So I suggest two traps per corner on the walls and doors. I also suggest traps in any wall-floor corners you can manage.